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Re: All this training is paying off

I love hearing these stories too. I don't have anything real exciting to share, just one little thing. I am currently living with my parents (times are tough right now) and even when no one is home usually the porch light is on, a light in the living room and a light over the kitchen stove. Well the other night I came home and there were no vehicles here, the front door was unlocked, the porch light was NOT on and there was no lights on in the house at all. I drew my BG 380 and walked slowly through the house with it at my side aimed at the ground, until I got to the back of the house and saw my Dad laying in bed. Once I saw everything was fine I turned some lights on and talked to my Dad for a minute. I told him what I had done and he actually seemed like he was kind of pleased at the way I reacted (although he wouldn't admit it of course). Now before anyone says it, I wasn't in the state where I was going to shoot at anything that moves and if I would have been startled by my Dad I wouldn't have shot him. I live in a pretty good neighborhood in a small town without a ton of crime, but I still choose to be prepared because things DO happen.

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