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MP 9mm

Constantine, I am in Miami and have the MP9C, the pro and the Julie Galowski it is also a 5".
I have only seen the Pro 9mm in 5" and that is what I have. Out of the box mine is and was fantastic and have zero issues of any kind. All my family members shoot better with the Pro 5", no comparison.
The 9c trigger was a bit griity and the apex trigger kit solved that issue however trigger pull came down so much that now wife does a double tap sometimes unintentionally. Go to one of the ranges and shoot all of them before you decide if it is going to be your primary carry. Way to big of a gun to fit in my pants (esp shorts) I love the SW body guard 380 loaded with Cor Bon for my wallet pocket.
I have seen no issues on the pro and really love it. Can't remember price differences but with all my changes and add ons to my 9c it is around double what I paid for the pro. Shoot the pro you should like it.
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