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Help Me Decide

Originally Posted by jmr40 View Post
Unless you shoot a lot of geese I'd drop the 3 1/2" requirement, especially in an auto. All of the 3 1/2" semi's are more sensitive to shooting lighter loads. I cannot see spending a lot more for a gun that reilably shoots shells I'll rarely if ever use and handicap myself with the shells I'll shoot 98% of the time.

There are more options in 3" guns and as a rule most of them still shoot light loads very reliably. They are cheaper too. For the very rare times you might actually need 3 1/2" shells there are other, more expensive non-toxc shot availible in 2 3/4" or 3" length that will easily outperform 3 1/2" steel. These loads are more expensive, and not what I'd recommend if you shoot steel at geese by the case, but for occasional use they are a better option.

If you MUST have a 3 1/2" gun I'd buy one of the Benelli pumps. I actually like the older, less expensive Nova better than the Super Nova.

With my money I'd buy a Benelli M-2. Although any of the offerings from Beretta are good too. Heard good things about Winchester, but no personal experience.
What about the nova do you prefer over the supernova? I've never shouldered the nova. Also, why the M2 over the Versa Max Sportsman. The M2 is about $400 more than the Remmy.

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