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Well, theres no such thing as #11 primers anymore, at least not where I can get to em. Cabela's left me out in the cold for 2 months then emailed me today to tell me they probably weren't gonna fill my order, so I went ahead and cancelled my backorder with them. I can't hold it against them though as they have always been great to deal with in the past, they just can't get anything from the manufacturer.
Nobody local has #11s anymore, gotta give credit to my local gunshop owner though, he managed to scrounge around and find me 1 tin of CCI #11's! He wouldn't tell me where he found them at, but he had them under the counter waiting on me when I walked in today. He did have, and is still able to get #10s in limited quantity so I bought 500 of those from him and thanked him for keeping me and my BP addiction in mind. I converted my revolvers to #11 nipples several years back but never got rid of the #10 nipples, soooo I guess I'll switch back for awhile and save the #11's I have on hand for the smokepole.
Now you guys are just gonna have to quit buying everything up so I can get my supplies.
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