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Help Me Decide

I'm looking to upgrade my 870 express. She's a good shotgun but I don't the way she fits me. I really have to jam my cheek into the stock to look down the rib and I want a 3 1/2" option. I want a do it all shotgun that I can take out for dove in September (2 3/4") and waterfowl in the winter (3"-3 1/2"). I like shotguns that have accessories like a stepped rib, mid bead, hiviz front sight and camo. The sensible side of me says get the less expensive Benelli Supernova ($650) but she's a pump. I know with a pump reliability is a given but the devil on the other shoulder is telling me to max out my budget and blow it all on a autoloader like a Remington Versa Max Sportsman or try to find a Winchester SX3 under $1,100. I've looked at Franchi Affinity but they don't have a 3.5" option. Looked at the 11-87 Sportsman Super Mag but no stepped rib. The regular Versa Max in camo is out of my price range which also means so are the A400, SBE II and A5 class shotguns.
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