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She has some good ideas as far as fashion and concealment. My only thoughts when it comes to having my gun on me is having it in the best location that gives me the most fluid-like and quickest access to it. Not having to bend, twist too much or use both hands to get to it.

I always think in the terms of you never know when you might need to be using an arm or hand for deflection or close combat while using your other one to make a quick draw and get your shot off. Hence why I prefer my crossbreed IWB in a combat cut, carried on the backside of my hip area. I can draw with a clean sweep and not have to worry about snatching clothes up (and I will admit, surgically enhanced female parts, like trying to appendix carry.) That leaves my other hand/arm free to throw up a block, etc.

The other stand out part in the video was when she had on the shoulder holster with the brown jacket. Did anyone else notice she had her gun on, a jacket over it, zipped up, then her purse over it? Call me a little paranoid, but that is not quick and easy access to your weapon.

Just my two cents. But I carry for self defense first and foremost. I will dress around my gun.
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