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"E.I.G." was a company which imported many very inexpensive firearms from various different countries.

Your shotgun was evidently made in the Brescia region of Northern Italy, most likely somewhere in the Gardone Valley by a consortium of builders, each of which made or assembled the various parts of the gun (a barrel maker, a stockmaker, an actioneer, etc, etc, etc) - known as a "guild gun" because all the various hands in the pie were usually memners of the Italian Gunmaker's Guild (similar to a US labor union).

Since it was made in Italy, the makers had to follow Italian Proof Law, and stamp certain marks into the metal, usually in the hidden areas of the barrel bottoms/sides under the forend wood (remove the forend), and/or on the action insides (remove the barrels).

Among the marks should be a Date Code Stamp (usually in Roman Numerals, like "XXII" or English letters (like AA) in later years ), choke markings, and perhaps (if you're lucky) a maker's mark.

Italy marked the chokes on each barrel with stars/asterisks - the more stars, the more open the choke.

Close/clear pics of the stampings would be best, to help.


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