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Posts: 12 good am I at shooting groups with my revolver?

I'm not sure, cuz I've not been shooting my revolver for all that long. I have a Ruger GP100 .357 that I bought new.

I'm still at the stage where I'm carefully keeping records, as I want my shooting to tell me how I am progressing as a shooter, and also to tell me how my reloads are performing on a paper target.

I always shoot by myself, so I don't know what others are doing, or what is capable of being done.........with handguns. I do have a deeper background with rimfire and centerfire rifles.

I shoot at 7 and 25 yards, usually from sandbags. I shoot WW 125 gr. JHP bullets, at various velocities. All my groups are 5 shots.

My best 7 yard group measures .210 inch center to center. I have also shot quite a few other groups that were under 1/2 inch ((at 7 yds)).

My best 25 yards group measures .880 inch center to center. I also have shot several groups that were under 1 Inch ((at 25 yds))

I wish I had started "group size" record keeping on a spreadsheet, so I could quickly determine other bits of info.......such as "Average group size with Load XXX"..........

........and I can't convince my wife to get out all my used targets and enter the data into a SS................

Suffice it to say that my _average_ group size, at any distance, is substantially larger than my "personal all-time record group size".......!!

But it's all fun, eh?

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