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Approximate number of new firearms sold to Law Enforcement in 2012: 100,000 guns

Number of new guns sold to the civilian market in 2012: 11 MILLION!!

I know which market I would choose to sell to. If push comes to shove, publicly held firearms manufacturers will have to choose the civilian market which is about 110 times the size of the LE market.
Publicly held firearms companies are in the minority. Some are held by Cerberus Capital Management which is a private equity firm. Granted, they are rumored and proclaimed to sell off Freedom Group, but that hasn't happened.

So you can bully S&W and Ruger as fire as firearms manufacturers as publicly held companies, but that is about it. You won't find ticker symbols for too many of the others

Beretta really isn't getting on board, just getting out of Maryland. Notice they are not listed here...

Yes, they have threatened to move out of Maryland, but only because proposed Maryland laws will make a lot of guns they make there illegal, or their capacities illegal, plus add liability to the manufacturer at the state level for the transportation and selling of guns. To move out of the state isn't so much a protest as it is a shrewd financial move that would reduce significant financial risk.

I have yet to see anything that says they won't sell to LE agencies, state, or federal agencies because of gun laws.

Also note on link at all the companies that are ONLY not selling in the state where they are located, New York. They are still selling to other anti-gun states when they can.
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