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I'll give pretty much the same answer as I did in the misplaced query.

my older brother has one. his was a build it youself deal so you can take this with a grain of salt but getting it running has been a huge ordeal.

first it wouldn't go off regularly, so he had to upgrade firing pin assembly.

then he snapped an extractor after less than 50 rounds of tula(steel cased) through it. from now on he only feeds brass cased ammo so with the exception of some m67 he's been stockpiling for a couple years, means only high quality expensive ammo.

then he couldn't get it to feed properly, he had to upgrade the follower springs in all of his mags to get it to feed which fixed the problem but still won't feed hollow points(not the little needle points that wolf makes to make their stuff sound better than it is, this is more like super defense, maximum fragmentation type ammo.

final result is a somewhat OK 7.62x39 that can't shoot steel cased ammo and can't feed hollow points...

I personally would never own one myself after all he's had to go through but that's just because I'm lazy. I love the AR platform and much prefer it to the AK platform. most caliber conversions will have issues to work out at first and some will continue to linger. I have an AR15 in 9mm, I had issues with it for years before I finally decided to try expensive magazines and voila, it's just as reliable now as my 5.56.
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