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Malice, nice pics! Nicer guns! lol..Love it..Didn't know they had an M&P 9 Pro Series in 4.25 I like it. I really want it to come with night sights. I don't like a CCW / Nightstand gun without them. I'm used to that.

Snap a few pics, that'll be awesome. If you're off on your game let me know O_O

I love the low bore axis on that M&P

My search for the best CCW gun hasn't stopped -___- it's been years and years already.

The accuracy issues are real, although somewhat overblown.

Some people say it's only the 5-inch Pro models that are affected, others say it's any full-size 9. Doesn't happen with all, but enough to be a consideration. Doesn't really raise it's head until you shoot at distance--25 yards and out.
Guess I'll have to use S&W's CS then lol

If it's over blown, it might be hype or for a reason.

Last time I ignored that..I ended up with a gun that loved ejecting brass to my face no matter what new and true parts were in it.

So I'm a little more weary now.

I just called the LGS. They don't have it
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