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Not even the egregious ones? If a lawmaker were to submit a bill requiring all of a protected class be rounded up in internment camps in this day and age...?
Warrant less wire tapping, indefinite detention, citizen kill list, and torture are all "legal" according to the gov. Specific to your question, we have a good example to look to:

So to answer your question: absolutely no lawmaker in this day and age would have to worry about a thing other than possibly not getting reelected to office, but given the hysteria of many in this "war on terror" I wouldn't even call it a career-ender.

If history teaches us anything it's that we don't evolve. In great part we are products of our environments. The horror we look upon others actions would have often been ours in the same scenario. The only thing that prevents it is a study of history and without it there's no prevention to recurrence of past ills.
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