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Congratulations on the P226. Really a fine weapon. Do not let anyone tell you different. Stories of the P220 are true, but have been corrected long ago and only appeared in a limited number of P220s. As for the P226, never any issues from a properly maintained one. One of the best pistols they ever made.

As for the smilies, normal wear indictor. They will get longer the more you shoot. Yours would apper to have be a low round count pistol. Seen much longer smilies with no issues at all. I and others do put a drop of oil on the tip of the barrel and work it around the barrel where it would make contact. Won't keep away the smiles, but does lubricate the metal against metal area.

Good luck and enojoy your P226. You may become hooked on Sigs from this day forward. Just a warning, lol.
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