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S&W revolvers are my favorite handguns, both new and old. The new ones don't hold a candle to the old blued guns in appearance. You'll see dings, marks, pits, and once in a while real issues like timing, fouled up extractor, forcing cone area messed up. But the guns usually work right out of the box. That is to say they will fire if you pull the trigger and that is all some people care about. If you want it to run as sweetly as the old guns you may have to do a little work on it.

Of the last 5 new S&W revolvers I bought 4 went back for warranty repairs. The fifth one isn't right but works every time I pull the trigger, I use it as is.
Of the 4 that went back to S&W, one wasn't repaired in 3 trips, no longer own it. one they replaced the extractor but failed to fit it properly, I'll get around to it someday, it does shoot when you pull the trigger. One is OK. One they replaced a bad extractor, didn't do any thing about the cosmetic defects, did not correct the rear of the bbl where it is ground off lop sided and not square to the face of the cylinder, it really looks bad but shoots good enough for IDPA.

All of the guns would fire right out of the box but noe were close quality wise to the 4 0r 5 I bought in the 70's or the used guns I've bought that were made prior to the 80's.
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