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[QUOTE]Once the slide is on, I have to line up the notch marks so I can place the slide stop in the correct position to slip it in. However, as I hold the slide in place (under pressure from the spring)[/QUOTE]

What spring pressure? Unless there is something majorly different with STI 1911 guns, there is no pressure on the slide.

I have several 1911s and it is true the slide stop does not always want to go in the way it should.

Once I have the rod inserted into the link, I move the slide back to the takedown notch and set the end that pushes the spring right on top of the end of the retainer pin.

I make sure it has some grease on the end as that makes it a little easier.

Usually a light tap with a plastic screw driver is all it takes. Pushing the lever up will get you that idiot scratch we all hate to see.

The last thing I do is tension the recoil spring.

Maybe I am reading your post wrong

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