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Very seldom do you have a "no wind" day.

It's hard to learn wind from vedios and books, people are different, they see things different and get different results.

It doesn't take mony to learn wind and mirage, it just takes time. Get a wind meter and carry it with you constantly.

Look at trees, flags, grass, dust, smoke, etc etc. Make your best estimate what the wind is doing then pull your wind meter out of your pocket and compare what it says with your estimate.

Take your spotting scope out, adjust it for the mirage, then use you wind meter to tell you the wnd value of what you see.

Learn to tell which way the wind is blowing. 12 O'Clock is aways toward your front.

Practicing the above with a balistic program inputed with your ammo inputs wil tell you what the wind does to your bullet.

Ammo prices is not a deterent to learning to reading wind and mirage.
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