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Worry instead about the trigger return spring snapping in half, which leaves you with a non-firing gun until it's replaced. It's happened to me twice with the P220 my agency issues me, and also recently happened to another officer here. When we finally do get rid of them, I won't take them up on their offer to buy it. Lots of Sig apologists have told me "That's never happened to me with any of my Sigs", to which I say, wonderful. I'm glad you've not had it happen. But I'll also say that just because your favorite brand of handgun has never failed you, that doesn't mean that everyone can say the same. So: Congrats, and happy shooting. Hopefully your experience won't turn out like mine did.
Dude, you've become a broken record on this. Guy gets a new SIG, is happy about it, and your first words to him are bashing SIGs? Get over it already. How many threads is this now? Name your favorite brand and I bet I've had an issue with it. But you don't see me bashing those brands at every chance.
Know the status of your weapon
Keep your muzzle oriented so that no one will be hurt if the firearm discharges
Keep your finger off the trigger until you have an adequate sight picture
Maintain situational awareness
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