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The Dorner issue certainly is a poster child but to my mind the truck that came under fire by police who miss identified it as Dorners vehicle are also poster children on this issue.

Im my personal opinion the average officer is out there doing the best they can do on one of the worlds most thankless jobs. I get it that not every officer is worthy of that badge but that kind of thing applies to every profession.

As a exercise in though only, I can see how an argument might be made that the women in the truck needed full auto Ars to counter the illegal attack they came under. An argument could also be made that the people of that county need full auto arms in case the police in general go on a killing rampage in either by being the inciting criminal rampaging through town or in being an officer who decides justice is spraying the public with lead for having a truck that's not even close to being a match.

Then there's the cop that's being charged that's related to the blade runner case, who apparently shot randomly at a buss full of people or some such thing. Can you imagine being a CCW carrier on that bus?

I totally honor what the general men and women in blue do for us as a whole, but there seems to be a ever growing body of evidence that innocent law abiding citizens are being attacked with police weapons by former and current police using Ar's and whatever other weapons. I think the ones that are under gunned are the law abiding citizens who are being denied the weapons we are constitutionally allowed.
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