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Kachalsky v. Cacase - NY Carry - Cert Filed

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero View Post
Which court cases were those? As I understand it, that's not always true. You have a right to have a parade or to demonstrate, but the city/county can require a license or a permit, but it can't be arbitrarily denied or unduly burdensome.

There is a difference between regulation; time, place and manner restrictions or fairly administered licensing schemes, and the complete denial or arbitrary rationing of a fundamental right.
True enough, but those are more akin to having a permit to have a turkey shoot on public lands or some such thing.

If I want to have an organized rally at the court house, I need a permit. This would be more like a gun show than individual carry.

If I want to stand at the courthouse, or anywhere else, and talk, I don't need a permit. This would be individual carry.

I also don't need any manner of government permit to exercise my right to free speech in any ordinary, every day context.... Talking to wife and kids, coworkers, strangers in line at grocery store, letters to the editor, etc. This would be the same as owning a gun.

So, yeah, you want to get 200 people together on state land for a skeet shoot or 200 at the courthouse for a rally? You need a permit.

You want to go about your ordinary day talking to people, or carrying your gun? No regulation warranted.
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