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Cylinder stock went to the lathe over the weekend, we are taking a couple .001's out of the frame window, on the bottom, & will not screw the barrel much past the frame to gain as much length on the cylinder ( there is a pretty big gap between the frame & cylinder up by the forcing cone, so we'll be take up as much of that as possible ) no problem fitting 8 - 22 Hornet rims into the cylinder... I use Remington cases for stuff like this, since they don't have a crimp groove on the brass like the winchesters do, my builder buddy doesn't have any Remington cases laying around, so I'll be taking a couple over today, to try trimming to 1.2"... the .257 barrel blank should be here by end of week, or 1st of next week... my buddy will be hand cutting reamers for the dies & cylinder, the reamer blanks should be here some time this week... yesterday we pressed out the firing pin retaining bushing, & discussed the best process to switch the frame to center fire...

all new metal will be blued, but will go on a stainless frame, so the finished product will be a combination of blued & stainless, but it should be a nice little 8 shot revolver that shoots .257 bullets out of 1.2" tapered Hornet cases...

this same buddy takes soft point light 6mm bullets & swages them to short soft point .257 bullets for his custom 25's, so I have a couple of his bullets to try... he's offered his equipment for me to use, if I want to buy the bullets, for the custom ones, or I can load with some of the lighter flat points for this revolver...
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