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Once upon a time I owned/shot/hunted with a Ruger #3 Hornet, a Ruger 77/22H (Hornet) Sporter, and later a CZ-527 Lux Hornet.

The CZ was, by far, the better of them all IMHO - especially after I had the bottom metal web removed & a magazine shortened for a flush magazine. (I had a full-size spare if varmints charged me).

IIRC, CZ now offers the same config as the CZ-527 M1 American.

The issue/optional CZ rings rot, though - I opted instead for a set of beautiful Burris-CZ rings @ half the price of the CZ rings, and never looked back.
With a Leupy 2-7x28 Compact scope, it shot better than I could.

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