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Stabilizing weapon for a prone shot.

I prefer going prone for shots at distance w/a harris b/p. However I would like to hear from others how they stabilize their weapons in order to remain on target as they are making the shot. Lean in heavily putting tension on the b/p? Pulling down on the front sling strap? Pulling the weapon tightly into your shoulder with a firm cheekweld? Let the front end float, allowing your left hand to curl back to the rear under your right elbow,thus allowing the weapon to free recoil?

One of the reasons I ask is because I can't get one system and stay with it,I go with what feels best at the time and this could be throwing my game off because of deviating from routine. I realize different situations require different methods of attack. Just wondering what some of you guys use.

By the way I am trying to ring out a Savage model 10 bolt gun w/ an accustock and accutrigger. My preferred stock type is the a/r - Gas Gun with a pistolgrip. To me this allows me to pull the weapon tightly to the shoulder from underneath whyle allowing the left hand to sweep for the target. Maby a Choate type stock might fit the bill. I really like a pistol grip. How do some of you work through this?
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