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With my .44 Remington(Uberti), I use a felt wad soaked in melted beef fat. When using Crisco over the balls and 34gr. of GOEX FFFg, most of the lube is blown away after the second shot and the barrel is so fouled after six shots that the rifling is not visible. With the wads, the fouling is mostly in the front half of the barrel and it wipes out with one patch. Might not hurt to use both. I'm no expert at this. It works for my revolver. I cut my wads out of an old felt hat, as Elmer Keith advised in "Sixguns". They're getting hard to find, everyone wears ball caps these days. You have to use wool felt. Synthetics will melt and leave a hard residue. Check out Gatofeo's article in this forum. L. O. G.
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