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LNL priming issues

So, I was loading some .45 this weekend, and I started having issues. I don't understand why, I've only loaded about 15,000 rounds on it

What happened is that the primer shuttle started hanging upon the magazine tube. I took it apart and cleaned everything. I found a sliver of brass, and figured that was it. I put it all back together, and it was still having issues. It would only feed a primer every 2nd or 3rd pull of the handle, and frequently sticking.

I loaded 10 primers at a time, and cycled one case at a time, while monitoring the priming system. I discovered two problems. The clamp that holds the inner magazine tube in place is apparently getting worn, and the tube would slide up a fraction, allowing primers to tilt. A small piece of tape took care of that. I also found that a tiny dimple was forming on the very tip of the shuttle, and that was what was causing it to hang up.

I polished the end of the shuttle, and just broke the very edge, giving it just the slightest radius, allowing it to smoothly slide again.

I ran two hundred rounds through it, starting one at a time, and gradually moving back to full progressive operation. Not a single issue.

I guess a call to Hornady is in order now.

I should have taken pictures, but didn't think of it til now.
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