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In regards to military versuses civilian training, I would like to tell a brief story to illustrate the difference.

My Plt Sgt is a Deputy in our home county as a day job. I want to say he has been a deputy for round about twenty years.

In the big Sandbox, we came upon a Taliban fellow holding his rifle at his side. He was a threat, or at least had been until his kid got hit. There was a very tense moment or two in which this guy stood and stared at four U.S. Soliders, all armed with M-4s and didn't do a thing. According to the ROE, we couldn't shoot him just then, but if he had moved to bring up said Enfield, we could have ventilated him.

I'll never forget my Platoon Sergeant screaming, in horrendous southern accented Pasthun for him to drop his weapon. The rest of were merely waiting for him to either drop it or make a move that could be considered hostile.

Riding back to the FOB, my Plt Sgt mentioned that he would have liked to have had his Tazer.
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