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I'll take a picture of one next to a few other bullets tomorrow. A guy I cast some for killed the big 5 with it. Stopped an 8 ton African elegant in one shot from his green mountain barreled cap lock. It went all the way through and stopped in the hide on the far side. It mushrooms to an inch and a half. The beast didn't take a single step. He said it dropped like you unplugged it's cord. It just dropped limp. My Dad got a dear with one at about 40 yards and it actually flipped over on it's back. Man what a sight. It takes 120 gns of FFF goex to get 1200 feet fps. 100 yards is really pushing the max range though. There's about 14 in. of drop at 100. Sure is neat though. I have a 1950's lay down freezer I filled with wet news papers. It go's clean through the 30 in. of new spaper and both sides of the steal freezer. It's really overkill on anything less than a grizzly.

Edit... oh I thought I'd mention it's over 2 oz. That's two 12 ga. slugs.

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