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300 win mag headspacing

Originally Posted by F. Guffey View Post
“The barrel isn't bottoming out on the receiver” Back to post #1, I could have informed the original poster he had everything necessary in front him to answer his own question, instead I suggested he separate the two pieces (barrel/receiver).
We don't know if the barrel clears the bolt nose.
Since the barrel stops at the same point with either headspace gauge, we have to consider the possibility that it might not be the gauges that are stopping the barrel.
We might even test to see if the barrel screws in to the same exact point with no headspace gauge at all.
If the barrel is not stopping against the receiver (presume no lug is present) and we determine it is not stopping against the gauges if the barrel stops in the same place with either gauge or even no gauge, then the only thing left that it could be stopping against would be the bolt.

Taking all the three receiver depth measurements on the barrel fitting drawing that I provided would make the problem crystal clear.

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