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Bullet weight 55 grain Hornady SP.
I think the barrel twist is 1 in 9.
I was shooting 3 shot groups, mainly to check chrony readings between charges.
I let the gun sit for about 5 minutes between groups, and only about 2 minutes between shots in each group. I shot the H335 one day and then a week later loaded and shot the H322, so they weren't both in the same session. I tried to keep the timing between shots for both powders the same so I would compare apples to apples.
Both days were somewhat cool, but not cold enough for a coat so the barrel seemed to cool quickly.
I did not clean the barrel between shots or groups each of those days.
As mentioned above, the mini isn't known to be a tack driver. But I didn't expect such a difference in groupings for the 2 powders.
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