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I read the non fiction book by the USMC Scout-Sniper in OIF(Iraq). I think it was Sniper or Sniper-something. The author, a senior NCO, wrote that US military snipers are trained to disable aircraft. Using large caliber long range rifles; .300 Win Magnum, .338 Lapua, .50BMG etc.
He also said he could not go into details due to OPSEC(security reasons).
It seems valid that you could ground or damage an aircraft on the airstrip but it would take a ADA(air defense) system or weapon(stinger, RPG-07, SAM) to bring down a aircraft in the air.

PS: bright laser aimers or strobes would do more damage. It's part of a Tom Clancy novel storyline(with CIA officer "John Clark").
Several morons in my metro area have been arrested for waving bright laser pointers at LE helicopters. One was a security guard age; 29.
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