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Want a new cc, which one?

I've been considering the same thing. I have a Glock 19 but I also wanted a pocket pistol. I considered the following:
S&W M&P Shield
Ruger LC9
Kahr PM9
Beretta Nano

Given the current state of affairs, it's pretty difficult to lay hands on any one of the models. So, I researched a lot of written material and watched YouTube comparisons, which were quite helpful actually. I was leaning towards the Kahr until I watched a video that showed that the Kahr magazines don't drop out when ejected. In the end I chose the Nano, which I plan to pick up tomorrow. Three main reasons for the choice:
- size
- lack of external levers. Very smooth sides
- availability. I could actually find one in stock.
Make that four reasons. The magazines drop out when ejected.

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