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What size hogs do you guys target for eating?

Reason I ask is I've got a lot of pigs on my place at the moment & last week shot a mid-sized sow that was full of milk. I took the backstraps & a hind leg.
I used the backstraps in a stir fry & had to chew each piece for eternity. Meat tasted ok, but could not finish the meal. I made sure I skinned the tendon off the backstrap prior to cooking.
Attempt number two was the leg. I soaked the leg in saltwater in the fridge overnight. I placed cut apples & an onion in a dutch oven. Rubbed the leg with garlic & spice mix. Added apple cider & slow cooked for 6 hours. The meat smelled and looked delicious & was easy to remove from the bone. Only problem was even after 6 hours slow cooking the meat was stringy & exceptionally tough. Ended up throwing the leg of pork out & putting a beef T-Bone on the BBQ at 9pm.
I'll probably give a trotter size pig a go next time. I had shot a small (foot long) piglet earlier in the day, but on inspection I didn't think it had that much meat on it.

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