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H335-H322 comparison question

I have a question about these 2 powders I have just tried. I am shooting a stock Mini14 Ranch. I know it is not a tack driver, so I'm not trying to get it to be one. Here are the loads I've tested so far:

LC brass
CCI BR-4 primers(I know they are match grade, but all that was available)
Hornady 55 grain SP bullet

H335 charges in grains: 23, 23.5, 24, 24.5, 25
I shot with a chrony and velocities started just under 2900 for the 23 grain to about 3150 for both the 24.5 and 25 grain. The 24.5 grain delivered the best grouping of 1.75 inches at 100 yards. The 23 was next best at a little over 2 inches. The 25 grain was the worst at nearly 4 inches.

H322 charges in grains: 21, 21.5, 22, 22.5, 23
The chrony basically showed the same velocity spread from over 2900 to about 3150. No group was very good with nearly 4 inch groups for each load.

Is this something normal? I thought with the velocity being nearly the same, the grouping would be similar.

Educate me here.
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