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OK so I got to the range today to put some lead through this bad boy. However on my way to the range I stopped by the gun store with my wife to buy some .45 ammo and I will be darned if I didn't walk out of the gun store with a new gun (Glock 23)! It was totally my wife's fault this time though since it was one she has been wanting! I will post some pics of it later on

OK getting back on track now I put 200 rounds through the XDS and I have to say I love it!!!! The first 30 rounds or so were a bit frustrating as I was grouping my shots but they weren't quite where I wanted them. Once I settled down and adjusted my grip just a bit I was drilling the center of the target at 30 foot. The next hundred rounds went great and I got to the point I was shooting 5 rounds in rapid succession. My wife and my buddy were shooting it also and both of them loved it. My wife was surprised with the fact it kicked less than she thought it would. I said yeah it is like it pushing you instead of being snappy on the front end...... she said she agreed but would describe it more as punching you lol..... she did fine with it considering it is the first. 45 we have ever owned. Overall it lived up to my expectations and I am thrilled with it. Now I am waiting on my holster so I can start carrying it!

Thanks for the heads up on the holster! I will look into that one as it looks pretty nice. I wouldn't really mind have one or two different holster options as I will be carrying this gun ALOT!
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