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Well I took the plunge this evening and took it apart. It was indeed pretty nasty. The hammer was so stiff and gritty I could barely move it back and forth. I sprayed everything down with gunscrubber and dug out all the nooks and crannys with a toothpick. I worked with the hammer awhile, spraying and working it back and forth till it finally freed up considerably. I don't know what Ruger puts in these pistols from the factory but its about as thick as wheel bearing grease. While I had it apart I disabled the LCI so that won't be causing any problems in the future. I would like to get a filler piece for it one of these days. I also put the barrel and mainspring housing back on and off a few times to free it up for future teardowns. I was able to get it back together with only one hiccup. I tried to put the mainspring housing in without getting the hammer de-cocked. Now I know, put the mag in, pull the trigger while pushing forward on the hammer, and its there. Other than that it went like clockwork. I dry fired it a few times and it seems to be working properly every time now. I'll shoot it tomorrow to be sure. The reputation these pistols have for being such a pain to dis/re-assemble is a gross exaggeration. Now that I've done it once and have the pistol somewhat broken-in, I think I could almost do it with my eyes closed. I dreaded it for nothing.
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