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i have owened GSPs for 30 years and here is my .02. There are two distinct breed variations of the breed. The dark heavy boned (DHB) and the mostly white lighter boned (WLB). I have owened both. The DHBs would hunt at a modest trot all day every day normally from 30-60 yards in front of you. The WLBs were bred for field trials and they would cover large tracks of land. All were/are excellent hunters. The DHBs are easier to train as they are less hiper but the WLB once trained are just flat out beautiful to watch and are also great hunters. They both make great pets as well but the DHPs are mush less inclined to distroy things when left alone, as a matter of fact, I have never had a DHP chew up anything in the house but sadly I can't say the same for the WLBs. In addition, the DHBs are fierce defenders of the home.

p.s. also, never ever let your dog roam, he/she will never be the same, and teach your new hunting partner the best you can and spend the money on a GOOD trainer, you will never regreat it.

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