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Curiosity got the best of me....Local show report.

I was gonna skip, but got sucked in.....

One dealer had cases of 115gr 9mm fmj, $405 a case of 1000
he also had half cases of 124gr 9mm fmj for $200/500
....................... Cases of 223 for $1050/1000

No one else had any 9mm fmj that I saw, a few had jhp for what was probably the approximately pre FireArmageddon prices.

7.62x39 was sprinkled though the hall, Wolf or Br Bear.

Looking specifically for 22LR to find that golden $100 brick was a disappointment. Saw not one single box of 22LR.

AK's on one table for $999, $1050, and $1200.

I did spot one "bargain", where a dealer had a single Ruger SR556E which he sold right before my eyes for the marked price, at/near Ruger's website MSRP. That one had managed to make it through almost four hours of the show before being sold.

Saw one enterprising sort trying to sell an old and poorly maintained Marlin Papoose for $260. Good luck with that.......

A cosmetically nice Norinco SKS was available for $599. Clean wood stock, good bluing. Did not peek into the bore because I was afraid it may have been bright and shiny with good rifling. That would have left only the doubts about the firing pin. [keep walking!]

Semi-autos that normally sold in the $800 and up range were in good supply.

Ruger Americans available for $325. Came real close when I found the model I expect to buy at some point.

Very few Mossberg 500's. The show in December had oodles. ??huh???

Also no crates of Nagant's.

The very best bargain I found was on a nice range bag, but left it.

Fondled the new Walther PPX, and decided that its grip was no good for my teeny little hand and stubby fingers. It seemed much larger than the grip on the PPQ. Had it been the same.....but it was not. Booo.

One fellow had a really nice collection of vintage lever guns. Sweet.
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