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Thanks, Pax. It does help. I read some of your articles this morning before running off to work. I have the belly band- doesn't work for me. Feels like a corset and in a month it will be too hot to wear until next November. I got the strap that suspends a small holster (for the 642) from the center of the bra but it looks like a big lump so I don't wear it. A holster under the arm and bra strap sounds promising. I haven't yet had a chance to check out all the links that were provided.

I asked what other women carried because I was considering selling the Glock 27 and getting a shorter and less lumpy 9mm pistol to replace it for easier carry and concealment. The handguns carried seem to be as varied as the number of women. There don't seem to be any common favorites.

Thanks for the responses and all the links, folks.
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