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Long story. About 10 years ago I bought a Commander length Colt 1911 off a guy who needed money for $250. Three years ago I ran across a used Winchester 70 EW in 308 for $700 OTD in a gunshop about an hour from home. I gave the guy $100 to hold it for a week.

I had several better 1911's so I took my $250 gun to a LGS to be put on consignment. I didn't get home before the gusnhop called me to come pick up my $600 which I used to pay off the Winchester. So far I have $350 in a $1,000 gun.

I had $200 in Cabelas bucks which I combined with a $75 off coupon to pay $125 for a $400 Leupold scope.

I hunted with it in the factory stock for 1 year until I ran across a used McMillan Edge stock in the classifieds of another gun forum for $400. I bought the stock, then sold the factory stock for $200. A McMillan Edge is just under $600 new.

I have $350 in the rifle, $165 in the scope and mounts and $200 in the stock. Just over $700 out of pocket for the package. It weighs just over 7 1/4 lbs as it sets and shoots great.

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