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Headstamp info help

Greets, O knowledgable ones!

I was going through some of my assorted cartridges yesterday, trying to shed some light on a few of the oddments, and I've come across a couple of headstamps I'd like to know a bit more about...

1. marked W.R.A. Co .32S&W. with slightly rounded 'W' stamp copper primer and plain lead round-nose bullet
From what I've read it's a fairly early smokeless load; is there a way to date it any more accurately than this?

2. marked S&B .303Br 86 - FMJ, primer shows red laquer
I know it's a Sellier&Bellot, but is it civilian or military issue?

3. marked MF 74 9mm2z - FMJ, primer has faint purple laquer around recess
Research indicates it as manufactured by "Small Arms Ammunition Factory No. 1 Footscray, Australia" - is this correct? And can anyone explain what the 2z signifies?

4. marked B.F.L. 7.65mm - semi-jacketed hollowpoint w/ nickelplated primer
I think it's a Bristol Flare Corp. manufacture, but I can't find anything definitive; can anyone confirm/dispel this? (I also have a .45ACP and a stack of "9mm Luger" with the same abbreviation)

Your help in filling the gaps in my history notes is be greatly appreciated
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