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I am ashamed to admit it, but I've had a couple of these moments. I'm not too worried about the occasional strong gust of wind or awkward reach exposing my gun, it happens and nobody ever notices. On two occasions I managed to embarrass myself though.

The first was right after I began carrying concealed, I was carrying a S&W 459 SOB under my coat. I was in a hurry and didn't bother putting the gun in a holster and just tucked it into my waistband for a quick trip into Wal-Mart. I got out of my car and made sure everything felt secure, and figured it would be fine. I took about three steps away from the car and straight down my pants it goes, clattering across the blacktop parking lot. Took a quick look around, snatched it up and got back in the car. Never did get what I came for, I was so embarrassed I just took off.

The second time was a real doozy. I was carrying the same 459 OWB at about the 4:30 position under a light jacket while visiting a Renaissance Festival in NC. Had a great time, enjoyed my GIANT turkey leg and all the shops and shows. Finally, my wife talked me into trying one of those 'Ring the Bell' strongman games. Anyone who has been to one of these events knows they are always crowded, and the bell game always has a crowd all its own.

I figured it would at least be worth a giggle and paid for my three licks. I took my first swing and didn't do too badly, adjusted my stance and went for No. 2. I almost had it that time, and I KNEW I could hit that bell with a little more 'gumption' on the next swing. I set myself, swung for all I was worth, and sure enough that little bell rung. Unfortunately, during that first swing I had knocked my jacket back over my gun and hooked it there, hanging my gun out for a gawking crowd to point at and whisper about. I do believe I invented a new shade of red for faces at that moment.

I quickly fixed my jacket while scanning the crowd for any panicking faces, when I noticed two local Sheriff's Deputies watching me and grinning from ear to ear. I took my prize from the slightly shocked looking game attendant and went and had a nice little chat with those two deputies. They were very friendly and understanding about the whole thing, never even asked to see my CWP. I must also mention, that during the entire thing my loving wife was standing in the crowd watching. She never warned me I was exposed, never tried to help me, only stood there and laughed until she cried. I love my wife.
"If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That's ridiculous. If I have a gun, what in the hell do I have to be paranoid for." - Clint Smith
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