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This is really interesting and a good education for this noncompetitive shooter, but I have some food for thought, or disputation. Suppose a 30-cal bullet leaves a barrel with 1-12 twist at 2000 fps. As it leaves, it is making one revolution in one foot of travel, because that is the twist condition that it is leaving. Thus, it will make 2000 revolutions in traveling 2000 feet, neglecting the small decrease in angular rotation due to drag. It will make only 300 revolutions in reaching a target at 100 yards. Suppose accuracy is not good, so you increase the velocity to 2200 fps. The 10% increase in velocity also produces a 10% increase in spin rate, but the bullet still makes only 300 revolutions in reaching a 100-yd target. If accuracy has improved, which it well might, is it the result of increased spin rate, improved harmonics for the more energetic load, or both? Or something else?
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