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When you say "Ruger" I assume you mean bolt action. On the other hand, I have two Ruger Single shots in Hornet, a No. 1B, the standard rifle, and a No. 3, the carbine version of the No. 1 that failed in the marketplace. The No. 3 has been the better shooter, overall. It will break 1 MOA with the right load. The No. 1 also shoots quite well but has needed more tweaking to get the best performance. I bedded the forearm area where the screw attaches the forearm to the end of the hanger, for example, and have played around with barrel pressure at the end of the forearm.

Whatever rifle you end up using, I will say that the Hornet rewards very careful case preparation during the loading process. You can have a lot of fun finding a good load.
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