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Well, not really weird, but it was very embarrassing. I was on escort duty one day while serving as a Marine embassy guard. This required me being in plain clothes (i.e. suit). While the delegates went onto their meeting, I waited outside and sat on a very plush couch, the type that sort of swallows you up. After they were done, I got up to escort them to where ever they were supposed to be next. Somehow, my jacket got raised while I was on that couch and the tail got hung over just behind the grip of my gun (SW Model 19 2 1/2"), basically exposing my weapon. I didn't even notice it until one of delegation group, an army officer in plains clothes, caught sight and quickly covered it up for me by fixing my jacket. Not sure how that happened, but I was completely red-faced and thanked the man. I don't think any of the other dignitaries saw it thankfully. They would have been thinking "Just another dumb Jarhead" and I wouldn't have blamed them.
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