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Here in southern Calif. gun shows pricing of some guns and ammo appear to be approaching more of the norm. Some recent shows I’ve been to like the Costa Mesa a patron spent about $212 (before tax) for a 500 round case of 45ACP WWB, that comes out to be about $21.2 a box of 50 from Miwall. My guess is each box in the case is a loose pack, 3rd tier ammo, not the version that comes mounted on a tray or similar holder. Miwall appears to have rented/leased an additional semi for the show.

AR magazines in the form of rebuilding kits (a California thing) were ProMag 30 round $40 and Magpul 30 round $60.

At the Ventura show a patron bought/received his Windham AR (original Bushmaster company), cost about $1100, I believe that’s full list price. It took a while for me to get accustomed to the norm today. When people refer to the AR they mean the 16” barrel version, M4 type, not the original 20” barrel length. The AR’s start at $1500 instead of the previous $700. Speaking with some familiar sellers the AR stuff is jacked up in price because they haven’t been able to get any shipments/inventory for months.

Two sellers at the Ventura show wanted about $2800 for their Colt stainless Pythons, neither sold I believe. A stainless 4” Python in excellent condition w/o box sold late last year for about $1000. A patron walking the show with his Ruger SR 22 wanted $400. This version of Ruger is the one having the form factor similar to the AR using the mags of the 10/22. It felt as heavy as the M4 in 5.56. Browning Hi-Power made in the seventies, I think, my first feel, excellent condition priced at $1000.

My local Big5 has Fiocchi 9mm FMJ 115gr for $29, box of 50. More overpriced than the norm for Big5, the Fiocchi 9mm was about $16. I paid $16 a box for RWS a while back but they no longer carry RWS. 40S&W and shot shells were also available but didn’t note pricing.
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