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CT Governor Malloy was a gun grabber when he was mayor of Stamford, and he is a gun grabber today. It appears that the blue ribbon task force he empaneled isn't moving fast enough for him (and the feedback he's getting from his staffer assigned to the committee probably indicates they probably aren't going far enough for him), and the bi-partisan legislative committee working on finding an acceptable bi-partisan approach isn't pushing anything as draconian as what he wants -- so he is co-opting his own task force and proposing what he wants most likely in the hope of shaming/coercing them to propose what he wants.

Sadly, he has a heavily anti-gun, Democratic legislature, so it's going to be difficult for the forces of reason to put this genie back in the bottle. I suspect there will be a number of lawsuits filed in Connecticut, and the issue will ultimately be thrashed out in court. Which is unfortunate, because CT is functionally bankrupt and the taxpayers of the state really don't need to be wasting their tax money defending indefensible laws.

That said -- what does the link have to do with Gov. Malloy? HE didn't write those 90 proposed bills. The names of the legislators proposing them are listed next to each bill in the summary table.

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