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These days, you may find, some ranges are not allowing braked rifles on the line at the same time as regular shooters, but have braked rifles only sessions. So folks can go reset their car alarms. I've heard that some guides won't guide for folks using braked rifles.

I shoot and reload for some rifles with heavy recoil,300WBY, and340WBY. I'm a manly man and all, but after 12 rounds with either of those I'm groaning out loud. I want sometimes to chrono several loads so I tried a trick I read about years ago. You take two new heavy tube socks, half fill one of them with#8 lead shot. Sew this sock very well with heavy thread. Put this sock inside the other and sew it really well.

With this lead sock between the butt of the rifle and my shoulder, I have to adjust cheekweld because this does change LOP. This works, from the bench, 'cause it has to add ten or more pounds to the weight of the rifle.

I received as a Valentine a rather heavy varmint type rifle, a Cooper MDL 22, 6.5-284, 26". 1/8", AA Claro, nice . I chose this chambering because at 60YOA I wanted something easier to play with. It has recoil about the same as 308Win. Because of it's weight is very easy to shoot.

I can't really see any reason to brake a 308. I would try a pad, or some weight, before I would go to the expense of altering a rifle with nominal recoil already, and possibly restricting my opportunities to shoot.
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