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I purchased a carbine Kit for my Beretta U-22 NEOS,,,

I own two single-shot 22 rifles,,,
I also own two bolt-action repeaters in .22,,,
My only semi-auto in .22 LR was a Mossberg 702 plinkster.

Then just for the heck of it I purchased a carbine kit for my NEOS pistol,,,
I mounted an inexpensive red-dot scope on the carbine,,,
Now, for pure fun, it's my go-to rifle for range play.

It's plenty accurate at 50 yards,,,
So I use it for tin can hunting,,,
Or to roll sand-filled bottles.

For precision accuracy it's the worst of my rifles,,,
But for a good fun time at the range,,,
It's the best range toy I have.

It's also a great rifle for small children,,,
My friends 9 year old thinks I bought it just for her.


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