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yet another point to consider...

As a motorist, I am required not only to have insurance to cover myself and my vehicle, but I am also required to have insurance to cover the un- or under insured motorist. AND I have had to use it, twice, once for a driver with a license and no insurance, and once to cover damages from a driver with no license or insurance.

If they are going to require gun owners to carry insurance, then they darn well better require the NON GUN OWNERS to carry insurance as well.

Requiring insurance, especially 1 million dollars worth is the sneaky back door way to get people to give up guns. We lost a gun show at the county fairgrounds a couple years back, due to the asst. DA (and I have no idea where his authority comes from) requiring ALL vendors at the show to carry $1million liability for the duration of the show (3 days).

ALL vendors. Not just the gun sellers, but the hot dog guy, the t-shirt guy, and the little old ladies selling doillies. At the time, the cost was around $80 for the three days, but that amount was equal or greater than the proift of many vendors. No vendors, no show. That simple.
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