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Yes, you're right ......! My local club is still relatively inexpensive with skeet targets at $ 28/100 and shells for sale at around $7 a box ( 25 ) its about $ 14 for a line of Skeet or Trap...( call it $60 for a day where you shoot 4 lines of Skeet )...and for a lot of us, $ 20 in gas it adds up big time !

.... 5 Stand is about $8 for 25 birds and ... sporting clays is about $10 for 25 birds...

so the cost of targets and shells add up pretty quickly ...( a lot of retired guys on fixed incomes are feeling the pinch on their recreational budgets)....and we're seeing fewer and fewer new, or younger shooters, at the club on a regular basis....and shooting handguns a couple times a week with ammo prices up over $ 24 for a 50 rd box of 9mm really getting to be an expensive pastime. Its the way things are ...
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