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I was at a big gunshow in Seattle area yesterday (Puyallup, WA) .....lots of ammo was available.......9mm, .22 lr, .223 rifle, shotgun shells, etc.....both in range ammo, target shells and defensive ammo ..../ but prices were way up because of all the hoarding.../ double or more - of what it was just a few months ago....and the price of handgun primers is still hovering between $ 60 - $70/1,000.....when they were around $30/1,000 in December...

Avg price on factory new 9mm 115 gr FMJ ( PMC, Federal ) was about $ 24 for a box of 50...

Most of my buddies and I reload...but we're just going to wait this nonsense out...and not buy, or quit shooting, until prices come back down. We each try and keep a 6 month supply of primers and bullets on hand...and personally, by summer, I hope things return to normal. None of this ammo price gouging ...has anything to do with potential assault weapon bans...( its strictly we're doing it to ourselves - if we pay these prices, in my view.)
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